1. Upgrade or download the latest IntelliJ IDEA (minimum version 2018.3).

  2. Install the Triplequote Hydra plugin via "Preferences > Plugins", click on the "Markeplace" tab and search for "Triplequote Hydra".

  3. Restart IDEA when the installation is completed.

Install Triplequote Hydra IDEA plugin

Claim your trial license key

  1. Open the "Hydra Compiler" settings by navigating to "Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment" > "Compiler" > "Scala Compiler" > "Hydra Compiler".

  2. Click on the "Get trial license" button.

  3. Click on the "Get trial license" button and fill up the registration form.


To send you a Hydra trial license we need your name and email address. We promise to use this sensitive information only to send you the license and to let you know about important updates.

Hydra settings panel

Hydra trial registration dialog

License activation

Click on the "Enter license key" button, paste the license key and click "OK". The license will automatically activate itself in a matter of seconds.

Hydra license activation dialog

Once the license is active, the Hydra settings panel will update and display the license validity period.

Hydra settings panel with active license

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Hydra!

To learn how Hydra works and get the most out of it, continue reading the getting started.