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Hydra smoothly integrates with several development tools. Follow the appropriate link to get started with Hydra.



Navigate to the project on which you want to use Hydra and add the following inside the file project/plugins.sbt (if the file isn't there, create it):

resolvers += Resolver.url("Triplequote Plugins Releases",
addSbtPlugin("com.triplequote" % "sbt-hydra" % "2.2.0")


If sbt fails to resolve the Hydra artifacts please read this section for how to troubleshoot the problem.

Claim your trial license key

After adding the sbt-hydra plugin to your project simply type sbt hydraStartTrial to have a Hydra trial license key delivered to your mailbox.

License activation

Type type the following, using the actual license number you obtained:

[info] Activating using This may take some time..
[info] License successfully activated

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Hydra!

To learn how Hydra works and get the most out of it, continue reading the getting started.